What’s on the menu?

Do you have an allergy?

No problem. Our chefs will prepair a custom dish for you. We can take account of all allergens. Please indicate in advance.

A soup buffet with homemade soups every day

Every day we prepare home-made soups. The buffet always consists of two different soups, including one vegetarian soup. At the soups we serve different types of bread.

A mixed salad bar and different breads

The cold buffet consists of various front and side dishes. Enjoy a mixed salad bar with a variety of different fish, meat, potato and vegetable salads. In doing so, we also serve various breads with homemade tapenade and butter.

A main buffet with a selection of meat, fish, vegetable and potato dishes

Creations of the following dishes:

Various meat dishes, including chicken, beef, veal and pigmeat; A variety of fish dishes; Potato garnishes with sauteed potatoes and French fries; A variety of vegetarian dishes.

A grill and wok with live Cooking

Live Cooking with our Lavagrill, French plate and through the wok. Every day we offer a varity of seafood such as prawns and mussels or meat dishes such as steak, chicken skewers and mini burgers. Finish your main dish with the stirfried vegetables which we prepare for you á la minute.


An extensive dessert buffet with desserts and ice creams as bavarois adapted on the season. Every day you can enjoy fresh fruits. Add a finishing touch with our cream machine!